Stigma, Shame And Suicide: We Need To Break The Silence Within The Asian Community

I think that this is a very moving piece of writing.

Dr Sonia Adesara

Research has shown high rates of suicide among young South-Asian women within the UK. Some studies have reported a two to three fold increased risk of suicide compared to that of British white women (within the 15 -35 age range). Asian women who have attempted or completed suicide are also less likely to have had a mental illness diagnosed. They are more likely to attempt suicide by setting fire to one-self. Yet, despite these alarming statistics, there is a numbing silence about mental health within British Asian communities.

Priya, 24-years-old, lives in London with her self-described ‘modern Indian’ family. She recalls when she had her first bout of severe depression, her parents dismissal, and their anger when they found she was taking medication. She says they were unable to understand it as an illness and to this day her father has refused to speak about it.

There is widespread ignorance…

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Wandsworth Labour will create a listening council, one that puts local people first

I have heard it all before but it’s still a noble cause to pursue even though Labour will never reach their goals.
It’s really just the ‘Britain deserves better’ speech in new clothes again prior to Labour’s victory in 97.

Wandsworth Labour

simon and balloons school gate

Speech to Wandsworth Council, Dec 6, 2017

We love Wandsworth and want to make it an even better place to live.

In May 2018 at the local elections, local people will have the chance to vote for change. To leave behind a tired Tory party that’s run out of ideas and run out of road.

To trust Labour to deliver homes you can truly afford, better care for older people and outstanding schools.

We’ll defend jobs threatened by Brexit – and protect Wandsworth citizens from its negative impact.

We’ll create a listening council. One that puts local people first.

Wandsworth Tories used to run an efficient council. But they have run out of tricks and lost their touch. Let’s look at their record.

Property developers and their lobbyists have an unhealthy level of influence in the Town Hall. They have an unhealthy level of influence over our skylines, and…

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The dog and his Meat

one day a dog was walking by the river.
he had a piece of meat in his mouth.
then he looked in the river and saw another dog with meat.
so he jumped in the river and lost the only meat he had.
he learned a hard lesson that he should value what he has.

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Trevor’s DriveTime Blog

This blog was created for the purpose of bringing people together for online conversation during the Drive time Hours…i.e.17.00-19.00 Monday to Friday.

please feel free to suggest topics to discuss etc.

I hope this will be a success.


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Hello world!

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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