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This blog was created for the purpose of bringing people together for online conversation during the Drive time Hours…i.e.17.00-19.00 Monday to Friday.

please feel free to suggest topics to discuss etc.

I hope this will be a success.



About shyn43

I like conversing and think it would be good to interact with people via blog which encourages positive conversation and ideas.
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10 Responses to Trevor’s DriveTime Blog

  1. Judith says:

    Hello Trevor (shyn43)

    My name is Judith from Australia. I just happened to follow a link that took me to and I read your recent posts. I can see that you have a love for Jehovah and for true Christian values. I feel though that you are missing a few important elements in your thinking. Two comments you made have moved me to write to you. One is the following which I’ve just copied and pasted:

    If JW’s can no longer be trusted then in my eyes all hope is gone.
    because I am utterly convinced that the churches don’t represent Christianity properly.
    neither are they free from blame and scandals of all sorts.

    Please be assured that the organisation cannot be trusted but all hope is not gone. Remember PSALM 146:3 – “Do not put your trust in nobles, nor in the son of earthling man to whom no salvation belongs.” Verse 5 goes on to say, “Happy is the one who has the God of Jacob for his help, whose hope is in Jehovah his God.” When you think of Jacob, what organisation did he belong to and his father Isaac and grandfather Abraham? Jehovah viewed them as individuals and he continues to do just that, he views us as individuals. ROMANS 14:12

    I am not encouraging you to look for another man-made organisation to join. True Christians are not united by a centralised religion controlled by a man of body of men. They are joined in spirit and led by their one leader, Christ.

    My husband and I have only recently left the organisation (July 2015) for no other reason than conscience. One of the main issues we had was the organisation’s affiliation with the UN for over a decade. This is spiritual adultery. JAMES 4:4. I knew when I found this out that Jehovah’s holy spirit could not be on the organisation. You must know your God! Would God’s holy spirit be with a man or woman within the organisation who had committed adultery and covered it up? No! So how can God’s holy spirit be operating on an organisation that has committed spiritual adultery and covered it up right up until the present? And if God’s holy spirit is not with the organisation, then why would we be there? πŸ˜‰

    Do not despair though. There are sincere ones like myself and my husband around the world. Few of us comment on the kind of website that is. Most who comment on these sites have given up their search for bible truth it would seem. They are focused on proving religions wrong. However, there are others (although it would seem few) who are moving forward with their bible reading and learning God’s will straight from God’s Word which was written under the inspiration of the spirit.

    I am so grateful for the comprehensive knowledge of the scriptures I gained during my time in the organisation but …… my dedication was made to Jehovah himself, not to an organisation. I know my God and I know my Lord’s words too in MATTHEW 15-24. It is easy to apply these words to other religions but when you find that it applies to your own, it is confronting in the extreme!

    I would like you to know that my husband and I still have all the same values as previously. Our love for Jehovah has not diminished. Rather, it has been enhanced as we are reading our bibles more than ever and learning so many things from doing so. It has been confronting to find out that not everything we were taught was true. As a matter of fact, there is one adjustment in thinking that is HUGE! It’s good news though and I’d love to share it with you but I thought I’d see whether you were interested in knowing first. Actually…..that was the second thing you wrote that prompted me to write to you. You spoke of Jehovah as ‘Our heavenly Father’ and of course this is true. But when you are raised as a Witness as I was and perhaps you were too, you are taught that we are not children of God. The ‘anointed’ are adopted as sons of God but not us. So how is Jehovah our Father if we are not sons of him? We are told that we are not in the new covenant and thus Jesus is not our mediator so how then can we have forgiveness of sins? Interesting questions don’t you think? The answers are comforting.

    I hope to hear from you in due time.

    Your fellow worshipper of Jehovah,

    • shyn43 says:

      Hi Judith,
      thanks for taking the time to write to me.
      right now I am feeling disillusioned
      because I am still saddened to hear about allegations of sexual abuse by elders for example.
      maybe I was naive and thought that Jehovah’s witnesses were exceptional in comparison to other religious organizations.
      but now I have reason to question them.
      I’m sure you can understand how a person feels after years of reading about how the end of this system will unfold,
      only to find that the organization that taught me
      doesn’t seem to be blameless?
      until I can be convinced that what I learned is correct,
      I cant see myself going back to my local kingdom hall.
      I couldn’t go to church though because I am very convinced that they have got it wrong regarding worship of god.
      I’m not sure about going it alone hence forth
      cause if it is true that people need to be part of the JW organization in order to survive god’s judgment,
      then I’ll never be able to live without fear.
      this just shows how powerful an effect learning at the feet of the faithful and discreet slave can have upon people.
      I will write again.
      Bye for now

      • Judith says:

        Hi Trevor,

        I was pleased to find your reply here when I awoke this morning. Thanks for writing back. I can fully understand your feelings of disillusionment. I was niaive like you and so was my husband. We thought that the organisation was clean and that Jehovah always made sure that wickedness was exposed and dealt with. We were convinced that it was God’s organisation. We were conditioned by the organisation not to question anything so, as you say, it creates a climate of fear. Interestingly 1 JOHN 4:18 says, “There is no fear in love, but perfect love throws fear outside, because fear exercises a restraint. Indeed, he that is under fear has not been made perfect in love. As for us, we love, because he first loved us.” Aren’t they incredible words?! Fear is a restraint to freedom but Jesus came to tell us the truth and set us free. Remember the powerful words in JOHN 8:32, “You will know the truth and the truth will set you free.” I always thought I knew the truth and thus was free but unfortunately, the words of Jesus in MATT 6:23b apply in my case, “If in reality the light that is in you is darkness, how great that darkness is.” It’s not that I have practiced anything wicked or bad. I have been faithful all my life but …. I was in spiritual darkness. There’s a missing piece of the truth that hampers anyone’s progress in their relationship with Jehovah. I recently made a website just using a website program to express my faith. There’s plenty of sites about the bad things that Witnesses are up to but ….. I couldn’t find a website out there that taught the good news so I thought I’d pop something up. I love talking about Jehovah and his qualities and now I love talking about Jesus too. There’s so much I’ve learned and am learning. Here’s the website if you are interested in having a look.

        By the way, I forgot the chapter reference in my last email. The scripture I was referring to was MATTHEW 7:15-23.

        I also went and read earlier posts that you made on that thread and realise that you are not a JW nor are studying with them but you have obviously learned a lot about them and believed, like I did, that they were God’s organisation on earth. I look forward to chatting with you further. I was moved to write to you because I felt that your posts indicated a genuineness of motive but I can see that you haven’t done all the research about the organisation’s involvement in the UN and the child abuse issues. This website is a good one for just presenting the facts.

        I look forward to further chats with you and finding out what you know and what you don’t know. Once again, I want to acknowledge how big it is to find out that what you thought was clean is not. It’s very confronting but if you love truth, you will want to know the truth. The rewards are worth it! The true God Jehovah is the God of Truth!

        Bye for now,
        Judith 😊

      • shyn43 says:

        hi Judith
        so sorry for the long delay in getting back to you.
        I hope you weren’t offended?
        if so I am very sorry.
        I appreciate the time you took to write back to me and share your thoughts and experiences as a former Jehovah Witness.
        I still haven’t been to my local Kingdom Hall since late December 2015.
        the memorial is due soon and I’m not sure if I’ll go to it this year?
        I went last Year but never really changed the way I feel about God and how he deals with humans.
        I still feel disillusioned and yet I still feel a need to hold on because I know its the only hope I have of a better life one day.
        my mum is suffering more with health problems and age and it effects my peace of mind.
        last night I barely slept cause I felt so stressed and I ended up phoning the Samaritans and spoke to a woman about how I was feeling
        and eventually I felt better.
        so far my mind is OK and I feel better in myself but I know from experience that that can change easily.
        I turned 49 in February
        I can’t believe I’m still here 49 years on!!
        I just wish I could feel happy to be alive Judith,
        I don’t always feel happy.
        anyway I’ll end here and I hope to hear from you again when you have time.
        I hope your OK.
        bye 4 now

      • Judith says:

        Hi Trevor,

        Thanks for writing to me. I’m not offended at all about your delayed reply. I know how it feels to be overwhelmed with life as I have suffered depression for over 15 years now. There were times when it was severe and other times that were not so severe. Happily I have been able to find stability through medication and counselling also. I have always had very strong faith in my God, Jehovah and thus I know that mental and emotional health issues are not related to spirituality, any more than having diabetes (which is an insulin problem) has anything to do with spirituality.

        I can see that you have a conflict going on with your disillusionment with the organisation of Jehovah’s Witnesses and yet your desire to keep hope alive. They key thing to realise is that although Jehovah’s Witness have included the creator’s name in their name, this does not mean that they represent our wonderful God Jehovah. Jehovah is kind, loving, merciful and just. He does not approve of men establishing their own rules and standards that go beyond his. ALL religions that have a man or a woman, or group of men or women, elevating themselves over other humans and dictating to them are disapproved by the God of the bible. Jesus said in MATT 23:8, that we are all brothers. It’s worth reading MATT 23 in its entirety and you can feel Jesus’ pain at the religious leaders of his day which is very much like the pain I feel and it looks like you feel too as you see the hypocrisy and inconsistencies.

        I am so happy now to be reading my bible and praying to Jehovah through Jesus and getting to know Jehovah’s will and the truth of matters directly from his word the bible. Do you still read the bible Trevor? Let me know what your thoughts are on God and the bible and we can have a discussion about it all and hopefully I can encourage you and help you see that our creator cares about us individually and he will help you at this difficult time in your life.

        I look forward to hearing back from you and learning a little more about your views and thoughts.

        Best wishes,

      • shyn43 says:

        Hi Judith,
        thanks so much for your reply.
        this is just a acknowledgment of your reply.
        I’ll write again with answers to your questions.
        Thanks again for writing and bye for now
        kind regards

      • shyn43 says:

        Hi Judith,
        how are you?
        sorry for the long delay in getting back to you.
        how’s things?
        I’m not too bad…although I still feel depressed with life and still find it hard to find the strength to put myself forward to being baptized.
        I did start studying again for a few week late last year
        but I stopped.
        I still can’t understand why god deals with humans as he does?
        and if I’m honest
        I don’t think JW’s are affective enough in drawing public attention to god?
        I mean here in Wembley
        they walk around in two’s and occasionally leave magazines
        and they stand outside the local train station with the new magazine trolley.
        now Judith
        don’t get me wrong,
        I admire them for being selfless and determined enough to go out and put god first.
        but I’m not sure if the trolley Work is Effective?
        I have observed Brothers and Sisters standing outside the station and people walk by as they do and rarely stop to ask a question or accept a magazine.
        and I think to myself
        is it because they are satisfied with their lives and secure in themselves?
        or is it because they are afraid of letting JW’s into their lives?
        I still recall the day I first met JW’s.
        Honestly Judith
        I was so insecure
        and so I communicated with them through the letterbox( Yes I’m serious Judith)
        and this carried on for sometime before they convinced me to open the door and let them in.
        my insecurity stemmed from low self esteem Judith.
        I had made a mess of my life and felt low and ashamed.
        and you know what Judith?
        20 plus years on…and I’m still feeling low and insecure even though my financial situation is far better than it was back then.
        and I still have hang ups about my physical appearance.
        Ive had this mind set since I was a boy.
        and Its never changed.
        and I’m still very sensitive…easily hurt…easily discouraged…easy to feel depressed.
        and when it comes to meeting days
        I feel plagued with guilt if I don’t go to the meetings on a Thursday and Sunday.
        and I pray to go and say why don’t you do something?
        I also say I’m finding harder and harder to believe he is working through a body of people who are increasingly isolated and viewed with suspicion by the general public.
        I believe Christianity was created for a good purpose
        but if it is left in the hands of imperfect people who seem to be reluctant to accept that the message isn’t getting through,
        what is the point in carrying on?
        with the invention of the internet I am now more aware of the growing hostility towards JW’s.
        but that hostility is understandable when I think about the judgement from god which they speak about to the public.
        its bound to make them feel unsettled and frustrated.
        and as Long as I continue being in two minds about God and His People
        I can’t see myself progressing and putting myself forward to join them.
        and with the way things are changing in the UK…i.e…people are feeling insecure and frustrated fed up with the governments and the dominant religious leaders are failing to comfort and strengthen them,
        those things make me feel evermore depressed and insecure.
        But I believe god will prove to be true and So I try not to give up hope.
        Well I hope to hear from you again Judith.
        Bye for now
        love from Trevor x

    • shyn43 says:

      hi Judith,
      How are you?
      not heard from you recently.
      I hope you are OK?
      please write when you can.
      Take care
      from Trevor

      • Judith says:

        Hi Trevor. That’s so disappointing to know that the email I sent must not have reached you. My husband and I were in Bali when you wrote the two emails that you did and I replied to you straight away since I could sense the sadness and stress in your words. I’ll try and make a copy from my iPad of my email and send it through to you.

        Take care Trevor. Rest assured that your words were not forgotten. It’s technology that has let us down.

        Bye for now,
        Judith 🌻

      • Judith says:

        Here is the email I sent you on May 8th. I found it in my ‘Sent Items’ online and thought it is a shame if you did not get to read it. I sent the email to the address you gave me but there were capital letters in the address. I’ll try and reach you again on that email address and use lower case. I might try a variety of ways and see which ones reaches you outside of this blog.

        Hi Trevor,

        I can feel your pain and I understand your feelings. Learning about the bad things
        going on in the organisation is very distressing I know.

        I am in Bali at the moment with my husband on holiday and was going to write to you
        when we return but …..once I received your second email I felt it was important to
        write straight away. I know how terrible depression is and it is life threatening so I
        want to reach out to you.

        Please understand that our loving God Jehovah has nothing to do with Jehovah’s
        Witnesses or any religion at all. This is the real ‘truth that sets you free’. It is
        very hard to adjust to this realisation but once you do, it is wonderful!

        You are completely right when you say that people in the organisation just bury their
        heads in the sand. That is exactly what our family and friends have done. But …. It’s
        the same in every religion! People are in fear of men and not God. Once you realise
        this and ‘get out of ‘Babylon the Great’ yourself, you can begin to feel the joy of
        getting to know the truth straight from God’s Word. I will help you 😊
        You can be grateful that you never got baptised otherwise people would shun you. That
        is a blessing itself. πŸ˜‰
        Could you let me know please that you received this email and then we can talk more? I
        just need to know that I am reaching you. There is so much to share with you Trevor. Do
        not despair. A door is closing but another is opening. It is Jesus’ voice as discussed
        in John chapter 10. Please read the first 13 verses. You are listening to the ‘Fine
        shepherd’ and not the voice of strangers.

        I will help you Trevor

        With love,

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